Learn web safety

From a "professional"


Yeahhhh you don't wanna be tracked riggghhhht? Use duckduckgo.com! Your welcome. It has been proven that duckduckgo uses a grand total of.... 0 TRACKERS!! Meaning they don't track you for ads like other search engines *ahem* Google *ahem*


Meanwhile, in the wild west... BILLY WENT ON A BAD WEBSITE!!?? Time to punish him! Just kidding, we don't know that because he used the Blackweb by the ADR ;) Seriously, MMS, be safe. Don't view anything on Chrome that you don't want the principal seeing. Use Blackweb, Browser Leaf, or something else. Not Chrome.


Don't share this app!!!!! Don't! How do we know Tom isn't a snitch? And whatever you do, do NOT share the Blackweb pin. I will personally hunt you down. JK


There --MAY-- be a Blackweb extension coming soon for Chrome... You'll have to wait and see...